Central West End

The Central West End is hip, cool and very much a great neighborhood to live in.

Located in midtown, between the West End and Saint Louis University's campus along the Grand Business District, the Central West End includes Barnes Jewish and Barnes Children's Hospitals. It also boasts the beautiful Chase Park Plaza, busy Euclid and Lindell streets, and housing ranging from gracious, single-family homes to upscale condos and apartments. It’s been described as urban-eclectic with lots of places to walk to including upscale restaurants, art galleries, sidewalk cafes, fun nightlife, boutiques and is teaming with neighbors and visitors. It’s got an urban vibe that says bo-ho cool yet professional and sophisticated. 

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The Central West End is one of the closest neighborhoods to Forest Park.

When Forest Park was dedicated in 1876, the rolling farmland to its north and east was favorably viewed by wealthy citizens who wanted to escape the rapidly growing city that was east of Grand Avenue. In the late 19th century, the area grew as part of the building boom associated with the 1904 World’s Fair. It was during that time that private streets and beautiful residences were built. They were tree lined then, and they maintain their same lush tree lined beauty today.

The Central West End is well known for its grand homes and private streets.

The strict regulations regarding building standards and single-family zoning allow rental and homes for sale to remain as a rare collection of outstanding turn-of-the-century historic architecture. Private streets control traffic and the neighborhood features numerous cul-de-sacs. The Central West End famously housed people including Tennessee Williams, T.S. Eliot and Vachel Lindsay. Other noted residents included the leaders of Ralston Purina and former A.G. Edwards, as well as Joseph Pulitzer.

Grand homes were especially clustered around Westmoreland Place, Portland Place and Forest Park Terrace which is now Lindell Boulevard. Other areas include Hortense Place, Lenox Place, Walton Row, Kingsbury Place and Washington Terrace. 

Access to St. Louis public transportation makes it a great location for medical and university communities.

Despite weathering hard times, including the Great Depression and World War II, the area teams with a great mix of business, entertainment and residential properties all within walking distance. Eclectic stores, locally owned restaurants, churches and boutiques, real estate, medical and dental offices line the streets in the heart of the community. The area is also a hub for using the city's public transportation such as the Metro line and buses, particularly because of its proximity to SLU, WashU, Harris-Stowe, the CORTEX and midtown areas, and many hospitals. Biking is made easy in this neighborhood as well. 

The Central West End Dog Park has been named one of the best dog parks in St. Louis by The River Front Times.

It is a favorite neighborhood gathering place—a great place to mix, mingle and let your pooch socialize with your neighbors. 

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