Lafayette Square

Lafayette Square is the focal point of Victorian style homes in St. Louis.

The flamboyance of the last part of the 19th century is very much evident in this beautiful area that was once was, and is again now, one of the most fashionable St. Louis neighborhoods.

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The focus of the post-Civil war neighborhood is Lafayette Park, one of the last links to the little French settlement that started in 1764. It was originally reserved for public use as a pasture and farm land in the European tradition. Today it remains the only land within the city never under private ownership. 

In earlier days, Lafayette Square was home to many renowned residents.

Residents including Montgomery Blair, appointed Postmaster General by Abraham Lincoln; David Nicholson, prominent wine and grocery merchant; Louis Brandeis, lawyer & U.S. Supreme Court Justice; D.C. Jaccard, noted jeweler; Charles Nagel, Secretary of Commerce and Labor in the Taft Administration; Mrs. Firmin Desloge, widow of the mining magnate; Joseph LaBarge and Horace Bixby, famed steamboat pilots; and three St. Louis mayors - John S. Thomas, James Britton and Henry W. Kiel.

It wasn’t until the late ‘60s a small group of individuals who cherished old homes accepted the challenge of restoring them to their original beauty. The Lafayette Square Restoration Committee also challenged and encouraged others to get in on the cosmopolitan urban restoration.

A 1972 milestone acknowledged Lafayette Square as St. Louis’ first historic district.

In 1973 Congress placed it on the National Register of Historic Places, and a historic code preserves it for generations to come.

Today a diverse group of like-minded neighbors live together in harmony in the heart of one of the most stunning St. Louis neighborhoods. This neighborhood is home to vibrant and cool retail businesses, excellent restaurants & nightlife, and, of course, the historic Lafayette Park. 

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