St. Louis Hills

Full of lovely parks and beautifully landscaped yards, St. Louis Hills offers a variety of architectural styles.

Whether you love the gingerbread bungalows, the stately 2-story and sprawling ranches, or the classic Tudors and colonials with their abundant stained glass and ornamental brick and stone work, this neighborhood boasts such a wide variety of architecture that it will appeal to nearly any preference and need.

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Some compare living in St. Louis Hills to “Country Living in the City,” which was the advertising catchphrase for the neighborhood when it was founded. Its far west location puts it closer to the edge of the city than many other commercial and residential developments. Owned and developed by Cyrus Crane Willmore in the early 1900s, the area's street names continue to reflect their founder's English heritage.

The area is kept well-maintained and clean by its residents, who take pride in their home. 

Originally open and forested land near the River des Peres, St. Louis Hills was not developed into a neighborhood until 1930-1950s. The area is bound by the St. Louis city border, Chippewa, Hampton, and Gravois. The two major parks in St. Louis Hills are Francis Park and Willmore park, named for historic figures who helped develop the land into what it is today.

St. Louis Hills is home to the Chippewa location of Ted Drewes Frozen Custarda St. Louis tradition!

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