The Hill

The Hill neighborhood is rich with Italian culture, food and fun.

If you want to walk to an authentic Italian grocery store or restaurant, you’re in the right place. The Italian American influence can be enjoyed at the locally owned bakeries, restaurants and grocery stores, as well as bocce ball courts and shops. It is one of St. Louis’ most famous areas known for its Italian restaurants, many of which have achieved national fame.

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The Hill was also home to baseball catcher and TV personality, Joe Garagiola, and Hall of Fame catcher, the late "Yogi" Berra.

The Hill gets its name from being one of the highest points in the city. 

Located south of Manchester, between Hampton Avenue on the west and Kingshighway Avenue on the east, you can appreciate the view from various points throughout the neighborhood. And you may never have an occasion to worry about your home flooding! The houses are modest bungalows and shotgun homes. The yards, the neighborhood, and the community reflect the pride of the area's residents. St. Ambrose Catholic Church was built in 1926 and continues to be the backbone of the neighborhood today.

The Hill is a great walking neighborhood if you want to make it a culinary tour.

You can enjoy an authentic old Italian grocery store, coffee shop and amazing Italian meals. It's often the dining destination of visiting celebrities, as well as the area locals bring their out-of-town guests. 

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